The club would like to advertise two(2) Executive Committee positions that will become vacant at this years AGM in October. These will be for the 2020 football season.

Karen Hogan has held the position of club Secretary for the past 6 years and is looking to step away now and spend some time on other things. This role requires some computer skills as part of the requirements as you need to take notes and put those into a monthly meeting Minutes report as well as look after club email correspondence. Along with the President, the Secretary is generally the point of contact for the club.

Carolyn Wilson has performed the role of trusted club Treasurer for the past 4 years and like Karen, is now looking to move on to something else. This position would suit someone who is well organised and good with numbers. The basic requirement is to keep track of all incoming and outgoing finances for the club and maintain an up to date record of the separate entities such as Registrations, canteen incoming and outgoing, gear sales etc. As part of that you would need to set up cash float each week for game day canteen, pay bills via online banking, deposit weekly takings at the bank and work with various other Committee members such as the Registrar and Gear officer to ensure a system is in place to track all payments under their portfolio.


Both Karen and Carolyn have given excellent service to the club during their time on the Executive Committee and they will be missed. However this is also an opportunity for the club to take on someone new and gain their expertise, enthusiasm and ideas. So if you or someone you know might be interested in taking on one of these two very important roles, please contact us by email at wyongemus@gmail.com or contact our President (Steve) on 0408 430 489. We can provide you with more detailed information on what’s involved with each position. 

You are also welcome to attend one or both of the final two monthly club meetings to see what goes on and have a one on one with Karen or Carolyn for an insight on their approach to the ‘job’. The next meeting will be held on Monday 26th August with the final club meeting for the year on Monday 23rd Sept.