With the lack of response at times to the roster method, we are now implementing an all in approach to canteen assistance. Please note that the new policy is as follows :

ALL teams at home games should assume they need to provide at least ONE person to assist in the canteen for the 30 min period before their game kick off. 

The canteen is a vital tool in our annual fundraising and without the proceeds we would have no Presentations, kids trophies etc and probably have to introduce an added fee to each player to cover the cost of paying someone to run it for us. Alternatively there would be no canteen.

With only approx 9 games at home per year, if every parent in each team did one or a max of two 30 min stints to help out it would mean maybe 1 hour of your time over a whole season. For the benefit that the canteen brings this is not a lot to ask. Sometimes there may even be more people than we need at one time depending on the number of games and in this scenario we will allow some to postpone any duty and do another time. So please make sure someone from your team attends the canteen 30 mins before game kick off to check if assistance is required.

Thank you!